We pride our selves on delivering high quality work, anything from high-end architectural renovations to top quality decks and pergolas. We will do the big and the small jobs.


Being a very hands on builder and having over 25 years experience has given our business the edge of having a fine eye for detail and made some of our work breath taking to say the least.



Our well established carpenters will build anything from a beautiful deck and entertaining area to hanging stylish doors and architraves to modern up your family home.


Coming from a carpentry background is what started our business. It is all about the carpentry, whether it is a pergola or a prestige home. Any renovation or add on needs the bones to be built first. The bones must be solid and that’s what we say “strong bones make a strong house” and that is what our carpenters do.


“Do it once, Do it right and make it last”



We build quality without compromising the renovation. Attention to detail is a must. We aim to get that perfect look.


The balance between how the finished renovation is going to look and how the finished renovation is going to function is very important to us.


Over the years we have built up a strong reliable team of trades and sub-contractors, which is a must in making any renovation a success.


We have also built up strong relationships with Designers and Engineers who are imperative in modern day building.



We will not skimp on tiling and waterproofing. Our trusted wet trades have done the hard yards and have a track record to prove it.


Bathrooms do not just have to look good. It is not only the tiling and the waterproofing. It’s the plumbing, the cabinetry, the shower screens, it’s the whole package that makes a good functional bathroom. It is one of the most used rooms in the home so it’s got to be right.